Helen Kresl

Helen Kresl
Everett, WA • 425-232-8522 • hxkresl1@comcast.net
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Qualifications & Certifications:
  • Analysis - TSQL (intermediate-advanced), Excel pivot table, Report Builder 2.0
  • Certification - SQL Server 2008 Implementation & Maintenance
  • Technical - Advanced MS Outlook, MS Excel (including: Pivot Tables, Graphs, Reports, and Importing/Exporting Data), MS Word. Intermediate MS PowerPoint. MS Visual Studio (MS VSTS) testing, and sharing source code & technical writing.
  • General - Fluent in Czech to English translation

Professional Experience:

Data Analyst‒ CBRE (Robert Half Technology) ‒ Seattle ‒ March '13 to July '13

Successfully automated and replaced excel based reporting processes using SSIS BIDs Control and Data Flow transforms. Built equipment inventory database based on Sr. Database Developer stated business requirements.

Quality Analyst‒ Social Solutions Com Inc ‒ Seattle ‒ October '12 to January '13

Developed a test case framework to identify the testing activities that would be needed to support new process flows, new database, and all request/reply messaging between web services. Supplied questions to clarify business requirements. Learned basic XML to be able to read WSDL files and understand the target service oriented architecture environment.

BI Analyst‒ Microsoft Corp (iSoftStone) ‒ Redmond ‒ March '12 to June '12

Built SQL Server Queries for Power Pivot based reporting to deliver on managers reporting requirements. Learned how VSTS data warehouse was structured to support software development workflows. Finally, collaborated with Information Architect to adopt a Power View reporting platform, shifting the basis of reports from query based to a schema based reporting model.

SQL Developer‒ Microsoft Corp (Wimmer Solutions) ‒ Redmond ‒ May '11 to December '11

Authored user manual for organization’s new database driven application in which I provided step by step instructions, screenshots, and business context for all functionality. Wrote role based test cases for each of three phases of User Acceptance Testing. Re-wrote migration scripts using MERGE, UPDATE, and INSERT statements to move production data to new database. Parameterized some migration scripts to bring over specific fiscal year data. Developed cursor based dynamic SQL scripts to locate and rename objects in new database. Analyzed system tables to find all stored procedures and views that had dependencies on renamed objects. Created ALTER statements for dependent objects. Coordinated with developers to implement scripts that had dependencies in C# application layer code. Introduced a consistent naming convention for foreign keys (FKs). Implemented scripts that discovered and automated the naming of FKs. Implemented scripts to delete duplicate FKs. Strengthened database model through analysis and discovery of missing FKs and primary keys (PKs).

Course Assistant ‒ University of Washington Extension ‒ Seattle ‒ Feb '11 to May '11

Impacted course’s value to 50 students by providing individualized feedback on assignments, monitoring student levels of engagement, and initiated discussions on topics of T-SQL query building, business analysis, Crow’s foot notation for use cases, logical modeling and table normalization.

Program Consultant Internship ‒ Community For Youth ‒ Seattle ‒ Aug '11 to May '11

Helped a non-profit organization with early stages of shifting data management tasks to salesforce.com, created a report and dashboard showing contacts-to-leads conversions, built a simple web form for use in campaigns, and identified new opportunities for reporting. Researched the problem of how a non-profit can demonstrate its’ impact on the community and what critical operational behaviors were precursors to those successful outcomes.

UX Web Design Internship ‒ Amped Multimedia Inc ‒ Seattle ‒ September '09 to December '09

Designed surveys to determine motivations of business client’s target audience. Aggregated qualitative data into spreadsheets and shaped personas of desired customers. Used data derived cognitive images to shape the web design process.

Software Analyst Tier II ‒ T-Mobile 'l, Bellevue ‒ Jan '02 to Feb '04

Resolved problems for any issues arising with the use of T-Mobile’s public facing website (including: forms processing, bill review, and credit card payments). Aggregated needed examples of customer reported problems to effectively demonstrate priority of problems requiring programmatic fixes. Represented my application during maintenance windows during roll outs of bug fixes.

Product Support Analyst ‒ Marconi 'l, Bellevue ‒ Apr '01 to Oct '01

Conducted fact based discovery of problems using UNIX command language, to support continuing improvement of the company’s mobile phone billing software. Learned technical information about the company’s software product quickly and dealt effectively with international clientele while solving problems.

Telephone Number Inventory Analyst ‒ Verizon Wireless, Bellevue, WA ‒ December '98 to April '01

Managed a six-month telephone number supply for the company’s 21 state NW region with exact compliance of situational FCC rules around the ordering of numbers. Maintained an internal website to communicate issues around NPA/NXX inventory.

Switch Support Lead ‒ Verizon Wireless, Bellevue, WA ‒ December '98 to December '98

Led a fast-paced and multi-tasking environment supporting the health of Verizon’s wireless footprint. Identified trends, decided on priority work, clearly communicated significant trends which improved customer experience through broadcast messages on VRU.


Network Technologies and Databases ‒ UW ‒ Seattle ‒ Spring' 10

An individual project in which I designed the database and network infrastructure for a theoretical biotech R&D company.

Activities: Researched bandwidth and data throughput requirements of actual biotech companies, designed database and network architecture, used PPT presentation to recommend SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition and supporting storage (RAID) and SAN network architecture.

E-commerce Website and database ‒ UW ‒ Seattle ‒ Spring' 10

Individual project involved building a database backend and ecommerce website following the software development life cycle.

Activities: Background Research on Subject Matter and Web Technologies, Requirements Analysis, Application and Database development, Heuristic Evaluations, Card Sorts, Iterative Design.

Information System for UW Health Sciences ‒ UW ‒ Seattle ‒ Fall' 09

A team project involving the design and implementation of a database system to be used in event management and organization.

Activities: Requirements Analysis (direct contact with user), Designing ERD Diagrams, Creation of Information Objects, MS Access Implementation of RDBMS, Building Queries to support Forms processing.

Information Organization with Taxonomies ‒ UW ‒ Seattle ‒ Spring'09

An individual project involving building of a Thesaurus to control term usage and data types for a website of choice: Territorial Seed Company.

Activities: Construction of RT, BT, NT, UF-USE Relationships using MS Excel.


BA: Slavic Literature & Language, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1995

MS: Information Management, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2010